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What happens if you are caught driving a truck without a CDL license?

For the state of Illinois, or just in general, what happens (or may happen) if you are caught driving a truck without a CDL license for your summer job? The truck is not a full-out 18-wheeler. I would consider it like a half semi truck, or better yet, like a big U-Haul truck. But the truck does use air breaks.

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6 Responses to “What happens if you are caught driving a truck without a CDL license?”

  1. hodocmf99 says:

    you will get a ticket and will probable have to park the truck and have someone pick it up.
    you need a cdl for anything over 26000#s and you need airbrake endorsment .

  2. dirtytricksracing says:

    You get a ticket and they take you off the truck right there.

  3. mrmeanie78617 says:

    You might not need a CDL for that truck. You need to look on the driver door jamb or on the door itself for the manufacturer sticker. It will have the VIN, and a bunch of weights and such. If the first one (GVWR) is 26001 or more, then you need the CDL. Doesn’t matter if it has air brakes or not. If it is under, then you can drive it with a regular license – unless you are hauling haz-mat.

    If you need a CDL, and are caught without one, you face stiff fines, and your license will get suspended. The company that lets you drive the vehicle also faces the same fines. The truck will not be allowed to continue without a licensed driver, and will probably get impounded by the police officer that stops you. Again, the company that lets you drive doesn’t want to risk losing their truck and load, so if you are working for a reputable company, I am sure you are legal. If you are working for a shady company, I would tip off a local officer, and let them “stop” you. This type of company should not be in business.

  4. DEE W says:

    You will need an air brake endorsement and from what you have said a class B cdl. Study the manual especially the air brakes. Pass the test. Otherwise if you are stopped it is a monster ticket. I am surprised your boss would let you do that. For the air brakes only I think it is a written test. CDL licenses are the same regardless of state. A CDL test has three parts the inspection for air brakes remember compressor max air pressure is between 100-125 psi. The low air buzzer has to go off at 60psi or above,the parking brake has to pop up between 20-45 psi and when the brake is applied no more than 4 psi/min leakage.

  5. T om mcgrain says:

    what happens in ohio your caught without a cdl an what are the fines

  6. LARRY EBERLE says:


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